As an extension of the School Sisters of Notre Dame community, Earthrise seeks to be a place of learning and growth. We’re delighted to offer seasonal schedules of educational classes and events hosted either here at the farm or in the local community. It is our goal to connect people with the deep spirit of the Earth which sustains us, drawing parallels between sustainable crafts and activities and our three pillars: bioregionalism, the New Story, and eco-spirituality.

Drawing on the talents of local artisans and teachers, Earthrise offered classes in bread baking, pottery, Healing Touch, T’ai Chi Chih, astronomy, solar oven operation, canning, and gourd art during the summer of 2006. In addition, several groups of local children made regular visits to the farm, where one of our interns led them in nature scavenger hunts, seed planting, art projects, etc.

planting seeds

All are welcome at the farm, whether taking part in a class, stopping by to visit, taking respite in the Honeycomb Peace Center yurt or seeking a tour of the fields.

For information more information on events and classes, farm tours or school group visits, please e-mail or call (320) 652-4700.